All Kinds of Wrong

Security camera footage of a little girl being run over twice near a hardware market in Foshan, China, made the rounds this past weekend on Chinese social networks. Not for the horrific injuries sustained by the child, but for the horrific callousness of over a dozen passers-by who ignored the toddler and left her for dead.
Identified as Yueyue, the two-year-old was initially declared brain dead, but according to her mother, the situation has improved over the past 24 hours, and she is now stable, and has even regained some sensation in her extremities. Yueyue remains in intensive care at the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command.
The indifference of 18 individuals who walked by Yueyue without calling for help has generated immense outcry both in China and around the world.
“What’s up with people these days? They make so many excuses to turn a blind eye,” Yueyue’s father told the Telegraph. “The society is so indifferent, so heartless.”
The driver of the first vehicle to run over the child has been caught, according to local reports. He claims he was on the phone with his girlfriend, with whom he had just broken up, and didn’t notice Yueyue.
The Guardian says many blamed the lack of Good Samaritan laws — which protect pedestrians who assist in emergencies — for the lack of empathy.

Warning: If the above description didn’t make it clear enough, the video is extremely graphic in nature and very upsetting.

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