Whoopsie Daisey

Pre-writing two different articles in advance of a news story with two possible outcomes is a fairly common practice in journalistic circles. But publishing the wrong one is not.
The Daily Mail inadvertently pressed the post button on the article that claimed Amanda Knox had lost her appeal — mere moments after the 24-year-old Seattleite had her murder conviction overturned by an Italian jury.

“The Daily Fail” was not alone in their dumb erratum: The Sun had also published a headline claiming Knox has been found “guilty of killing Meredith Kercher.” Slightly less embarrassing was The Guardian‘s incorrect live-blog update, which said that “Knox has lost her appeal.”

All three publications have since stripped their sites of the false reports, but, for The Daily Mail and The Sun, damning URLs remain as warnings to others who would pen a priori posts.

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