Friday Man Babe II - Duff Wallace

World Famous in NZ (Auckland) 

Duff Wallace was born in Anchorage, AK to a band of outlaw Eskimos building a giant laser that they hoped would bring warmth and beach tourism to their frozen seaside town. Taken away from Alaska by missionaries, Duff spent most of his youth in Kelowna, B.C. Canada playing ice hockey, jamming forks into light sockets, and building “American Gladiators” style obstacle courses in his back yard, and after going to University of Alberta to study snack foods, Duff grew to over 2000 lbs. With the weight off Duff started to travel the world and see what he could do with himself, Today, Duff serves the Beer is for Youth Programs department of Habitat and lives in Auckland New Zealand where he will run for mayor on a “Brussel Sprouts are Delicious” platform and win in a landside. He hopes to someday have someone name a sandwich after him.

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