Urban Beehive - WANT!!!

Philips thinks you shouldn’t let little things like “not having a yard” and “not knowing anything about beekeeping” stop you from keeping bees. Their futuristic “Urban Beehive” concept looks like it would be right at home in any modern apartment.
The Urban Beehive is meant to be mounted on both sides of a window. On the outside, it has a curved white stand for a pollen-filled flowerpot. On the inside, it’s a glass-backed, honeycomb-filled chamber where bees can lay larvae and make honey.
The glass back is designed for humans to see through, of course, but it also blocks everything but orange light, to keep things comfortable for the bees. There’s also a cord you can pull to release smoke inside the hive if you want to make an attempt at collecting honey.
Now all it needs is a burglar alarm that releases the bees when an intruder enters your apartment. 

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